Venues and Themes to Build Your Ideal Wedding

Venues and Themes to Build Your Ideal Wedding

Depending on which area, location, interior, exterior,…etc. It all affects the type of ambiance that one is trying to convey at their wedding. Do you want a classic venue and live your princess wedding, or do you want a Rustic theme to allow a little southern comfort with a Barn or Ranch themed wedding. It all comes down to one simple and basic question you should ask yourself when planning your wedding. That Question you should ask yourself is, “What is the stye and/or theme is it that I want at my wedding”?  If you cannot answer that question at first, then try these steps that should help you.

Location & Decor

Location and Decor go hand in hand and is a big part when planning your wedding, and is one of the main decisions that you make to help you narrow down the theme you may want to convey to your wedding at your chosen venue. One may think, “location or decor may not be that big of a deal”. Try to convey the Rustic decor with a Modern Sleek Building, the theme will be lost. With the right decor you can show your theme the way you envisioned with style. To really show your wedding guests the setting and feel of what the wedding is going to be. Get to know the 10 Benefits of Shopping for Food Online.

Venues And Themes To Build Your Ideal Wedding 


Food is another step into setting the theme you wish to convey for you wedding. Just like the Location and Decor, the food at your wedding plays a just as important role to setting your theme. You would not have pulled pork sliders, country ham, and sweet tea or lemonade if you were going for a modern themed wedding. You would choose rotisserie chicken breast with a side of steamed veggies, and some wine or fruit tea for a modern themed wedding. It is important to always remember to enjoy the food you are choosing, but also to make sure that it will fit your theme of your wedding. 

Color for Wedding Party

Color, color, color, what is so important about color? Well I’m glad you asked. Color is and may be one of the most important parts in setting you theme. Color is what really conveys the feel of the theme you wish to project to your wedding part and guests. It is okay to use more than one color as long as they are complementary to each other, and fit the theme you are looking for. The choice of your color mainly comes down to what you choose, and the color itself is not the problem when picking. For example light blues and light green for a barn style would go together as well as purple, and a shade of red for a more modern look. Remember the shades of the color can give the right or wrong theme when picking, so choose a color and stick to the theme. 

Venues And Themes To Build Your Ideal WeddingPutting it together

Putting it together sounds easy enough, but can be one of the hardest, yet final steps when choosing your Venue. As stated above each decision you make when picking out your items should complement the themes that will build to the venue you have chosen. Location should be decided, the colors of decors and gowns should match or complement each other, and the food help fit the theme of the wedding. Once everything is in place your theme is ready for the day to begin and the wedding you have always dreamt about will be brought into reality. 

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