Sacred Space

Sacred Space

When picking a venue one must make a decision when choosing; is it a big group, small group, and will the venue be big enough for everyone I invite? Well one place you won’t have to worry about space is “Sacred Space” a venue located in downtown Miami. Sacred Space is a tropical oasis of expansive gardens, modern, indoor space, incorporates breathtaking design, modern architecture and holistic elements. It is the perfect place for any sized party, intimate gathering, wedding or other celebration. Sacred Space is designed to accommodate every specific need for a wedding or other celebration, with a back-up rain plan for up to 300 people. The Sacred Space Miami transforms any event into an unforgettable gathering with both dynamic outdoor and modular indoor spaces, they are adaptable to any need and will bring your vision of your event to life.

Sacred Space gives you the luxury to choose between interior and exterior events. Do you want to have an interior event and have your gathering feel like your own private event in a club, or do you want take your party outside to enjoy Miami’s nightlife. It all depends upon the type of event you wish to convey to your party for the night. The choice is yours, and that’s the beauty of Sacred Space you could and can have your choice of both.

Sacred SpaceThe interior was designed by famed architect, Rene Gonzalez, The Space Miami embodies modern design, natural elegance, with its impeccably designed space and open floor plan. The modular nature of this venue allows for endless options to set-up and to configure, making any events vision to become a reality. This 36,000sq. ft. event space offers any guest a flawless designed venue, along with its very own audio/visual and lighting. The interior of Sacred Space serves as a dynamic space to accommodate an multitude of events. The high ceilings and wide open space is a versatile and open canvas to customize and host a variety of private events. From small gatherings, educational programs, wellness workshops, social celebrations, Weddings, and larger corporate events.

Sacred SpaceThe Space Miami offers a variety of outdoor event options, from small gatherings to any larger scale occasions. Within the Guava Grove, there is room for tables or standing areas, while offering its beauty and shelter with its surrounding foliage. The Reflecting Pool adds to the sense of serenity, bringing the entire space together with its tranquil flow. The Garden transports visitors to a soothing sanctuary of natural beauty where intention is found in every detail. The garden has a variety of sacred species of trees that flourish within it. Each element is thoughtfully designed to complement the other, adding to the feel of the entire garden.

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