Estrella Estates

Estrella Estates

If you have ever thought about having a rustic barn wedding or event, but wanted more that just the barn esthetic then Estrella Estates may be the venue for you. Estrella Estates is a private venue on 10 acres of lush greenery located in The Redlands, Florida. Whether you are looking for a rustic barn, a picturesque outdoor communion with nature, or gazing under the stars, Estrella Estate brings that to life, all while being within reach of Miami. The Estate is an adaptable open floor plan venue with access to a large string-lit barn, open sky pre-reception area, and a romantic glade for all occasions.

The Farm

Estrella EstatesThe farm on Estrella Estates has been family owned for over 45 years, and spanning over three generations. The farm was made to help preserve exotic tropical fruits, the disappearing rural culture of the Redlands, and to be a gateway to escape the common urban scene of Miami. The estate’s open layout allows one to customize the area to fit their event needs. Whether it be a rustic feel with the barn, a stunning picturesque outdoor communion with nature, or gazing the stars under the night sky. 

The Glade

Estrella EstatesThis area of Estrella Estates is filled with the smell of jasmine as it is covered by a grove of old Longan trees. This area is a focal point of The Glade at Estrella Estate with its rustic, wrought iron gazebo. The gazebo at The Glade is beautiful on its own, but you can add to the gazebo with your choice of decoration, such as flowers, lights, or anything else you wish to add to fit the theme you want to convey for your event. Although the gazebo is beautiful on its own one has the the option to remove the gazebo if they choose so. This will allow you to have a more open area for seating for your event, or just to allow for a more open event. The Glade offers a picturesque spot ideal for photoshoots of any kind that captures the surrounding beauty of its nature.

The Pre-Reception Area and The Barn 

Estrella EstatesEstrella Estate are connected to one another by a path, which leads you to the Pre-Reception Area, which borders the The Barn. This area of Estrella Estates provides a space to accommodate your party for a cocktail hour, garden party or even an outdoor reception in the view of the open sky. This area is surrounded by a lush green landscape of Carambola trees, monsteras, and more. Adjacent to the Pre-Reception Area is The Barn at Estrella Estate. Walk through rolling barn doors and enter the venue’s interior event space. The Barn has a history stretching back over 40 years, as it once served as the space where all the fruit was stored. It now serves as a space to bring your family, friends and all guest together for beautiful visions to fruition. The Barn went through modifications  and expansions over the years. It now has a reception hall and adjoining rooms to fulfill all of your needs, including an area for your catering staging area. The building itself is a tin pole barn that has polished concrete flooring and will be the setting of the rustic event of you choose to create.

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