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1. How do you work?

We are the resource that will connect you with perfect venue and vendors for your event! Contact us!

2. What is included when I rent my venue?

Each venue is different, but basically you are renting the use of the facility for a specific period of time. Catering and other enhancements for your wedding or event are not included in the venue rental fee. Each venue posts their own prices. Prices vary my nights of the week and by season. Your venue consultant will assist you and help you with price negotiations. Contact Us

3. What kind of timeline should I be expecting?

We can find you a venue for tomorrow if needed. For weddings, certain venues book up two years in advance, so the sooner the better. Once you’ve chosen your venue that will give you plenty of time for the other details, for which we can help.

4. Does the venue include catering?

This varies from venue to venue, some provide in-house catering, others do not. contact us, we can assist!

5. Why general details are important for me to provide?

  • Location: South Florida is the second longest metropolitan area in the country, spanning from Palm Beach to Key West. That’s 241 miles. You will find the largest selection of venues in Miami-Dade County which does include Miami Beach, the Redland, and the Aventura area.
  • Guest Count: Each venue has maximum and minimum capacities. Since we know the venues, we can point you towards the venues that will be fit your guest count.
  • Overall Budget: This is needed so we can provide you with venue and vendor solutions within your price range.

6. Do you have a venue style in mind?

We will help you find it! Our venues range from rustic, historic, gardens, modern sleek spaces, beachfront, private mansions and more… Contact us now to can get started!

7. Can you help me source vendors?

We are connected with the top vendors and service providers in the South Florida Industry. Our directory will guide you through our selection of photographers, caterers, florists, entertainment firms and more! We will be happy to assist you in finding the perfect vendors for your event. Contact us!

8. What comprises my budget?

Your overall budget should include venue rental, catering and other vendors! As a local Industry standard, we recommend between 15-30% of your over-all budget to be allocated to your venue cost, and the remaining for catering, vendors and other specialty services. Contact us for help right away!

9. There are other venue sourcing resources other than yours? Why is yours the best?

Bill Hansen is the local wedding and event expert having worked in South Florida since 1975. Unlike the other sites we offer personalized service that guides your towards the best solutions. We make you the star, help you create the event of your dreams with our solutions, avoiding the pitfalls along the way.

10. Have we answered your Questions?

If not, please contact us!

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