Wedding Proposal Checklist

Wedding Proposal Checklist

It’s Engagement Season! Hooray! You have found the love of your life & now you want to solidify that relationship via the institution of marriage! Taking on that coveted name of fiance. Oh! The pressure you must feel! Your poor fingernails from the nail biting! After all, this day goes down in history as one of the most romantic events of your life. But do not fear my friend, we have the answers regarding the latest trends for popping the Big Question! Taking the time to plan out the perfect proposal is the first step in creating a memory that will last a lifetime. Proposals have become a big effort & can even be attached to an engagement party! (Well, if you do in fact get a “YES”) Everyone dreams of that perfect proposal, so let us help you make it the best memory ever with some of the following tips.

10 Wedding Proposal Ideas

Choosing A Location

Where you get engaged sets the stage for how the remainder of the proposal will go. Do you have a special spot that you both have a wonderful memory at? Whether it be a park, date spot, a beautiful Miami venue or just a place where a special memory was made-make sure it has a great backdrop. Either created by you or a team of specialist’s or nature’s beauty makes a great background too. The photo will definitely be worth it, and you can always look back with fondness on the place you chose.

Don’t Forget Pictures!

Hiring a talented photographer to capture the special ‘Yes” moment will be crucial to going back and reliving that wonderful memory. Of course a close friend or family member could do this for you, but the cost of hiring a professional can be worth it for the stunning photographic memories it will bring. You can also consult with the professional regarding great lighting, weather and the perfect spot at your chosen location.

Videographer On Set

The last thing you want to hear after the big moment & during the happy tears is “Aw, man, I wasn’t recording…can you do it again?” Don’t leave this once in a lifetime memory up to chance. Relive this special moment over and over again, and it’s especially fun to replay it for friends and family members. This is your special intimate moment, you don’t have to invite everyone to be there unless you want to. 

Personalize It

This is YOUR one-of-a-kind love story. No one else shares this exact moment and lovestory like you two. So take the time to plan out a strategy to make it more personalized for you as a couple. Ideas from other people’s engagements are cool, and should definitely be researched, but a cookie cutter proposal is not the ticket. Include thoughtful details that capture the intimacy and romance of your personal love story. 

Spell Out Your L O V E

Signage is definitely a current trend. Over the top Marquee letters, or giant words made out of flowers are in style. Even letter balloons are being used to ask the big question. Whether it’s light up letters spelling ’ Marry Me’ or LOVE spelled with roses, using signage is always a good backdrop idea, and definitely communicates to your S.O. that something BIG is about to happen.

Decor Must Be Epic

Whether outdoors among nature or inside where a room transformation is needed, pick decor that reflects how special this moment is. Create a romantic focal point to stand at. Flowers, candles, fairy lighting, and a canopy backdrop can make for a nice setting to get down on one knee. You’ll want to transform the area into an extraordinary spot that will be meaningful & unforgettable.

Post-Proposal Picnic

Break out the champagne or a special drink that is meaningful for the two of you. Having a basket with a charcuterie board and some yummy bites to make the moment even more intimate and special can be a fun detail to make your special someone feel cared for and thought of. Don’t forget to include a comfy place to sit and enjoy the indulgences. 

Engagement Party? Why Not Now!

Getting engaged is so much fun, why not have the party to celebrate your new commitment right now?!? You will get to immediately share the happiness with your loved ones, and it gives you an opportunity to show off that new bling! Make sure to hire an event planner or Miami catering company for the perfect culinary experience to celebrate.

Immersive Experience

Now this is taking things to another level! Maybe your special lady loves fairytales and you go all out and set the scene for a Prince Charming/Cinderella affair? If your special someone digs romance, a fairytale is the way to go. Don’t forget to book the carriage ride afterwards to ride off into the sunset together. Maybe your significant other loves history or a unique experience. Book a museum and ‘make history together’ by popping the question there. See if they will even let you display the engagement ring in a cool way, like an empty glass display case. 

Toast To The Magic

Have some chilled champagne on hand and toast to this new chapter of your life together. Add a special touch with personalized etched glasses. Or glasses that say Mr. & Mrs. 

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