Which Type of Wedding Planner is Best for You

Which Type of Wedding Planner is Best for You

Long before you were officially engaged you have already been thinking about your wedding day, how you wanted it to look and some of the vendor services you would need, like the photographer, florist, cake designer and probably even the venue.

Your life is busy with work and social and family activities and you know you want to hire a wedding planner to help you with planning of your wedding. What you might not realize is there are several different types of wedding planners. with each planner offering unique levels of involvement within the planning process.

Which Type Of Wedding Planner Is Best For YouNo matter how much involvement you want, hiring a wedding planner is always a great investment. By hiring a planner you save time, alleviate stress and worry and many times save money. They help you stay on budget while introducing you to vetted vendors and resources, guiding you through the entire process.

Below are the different types of wedding planners and what services they provide.

Full Service Wedding Planner

A full-service wedding planner is just like it sounds. The planner works with you from the point you hire them until the completion of the wedding. They help you set up a budget, provide you access to trusted vendors, help with negotiating contracts and make sure all details are inline with your wedding vision. This type of planner is great for anyone who wants to take all the stress and worry out of their day. There will still be many decisions to be made but they can help guide you and take away the pressure and stress of handling every detail yourself.

Which Type Of Wedding Planner Is Best For YouPartial Service Wedding Planner

A partial wedding planner many times works within an hourly package. They will keep track of their hours while helping you with vendor recommendations, consulting and contract negotiations. This planner usually provides day of service, ensuring vendors know where to set up and making sure you get down the aisle at the designated time. Partial planning services are great for the bride who wants to handle many of the details themselves, while still having guidance and someone with knowledge of quality vendors and services.

Month of Wedding Planner

The month of wedding planner steps in the last month before your wedding. You have researched and made all the decisions about your vendors. These planners will review contracts and confirm and finalize details with your vendors. They will create a timeline for your event day ensuring that all your vendors are in place and ready to go as need, keeping your day on track and running smoothly. These planners are great for the bride who wants to do all the research and hiring of vendors, but wants make sure every detail is reviewed, confirmed and runs smoothly on their day.

Day of Wedding Planner/Coordinator

The Day of Wedding Planner/Coordinator is just what it sound like. This planner works on the day of the wedding to execute already made plans. This planner is great for the bride who wants to handle every detail of her wedding, but wants to enjoy the day and have someone else manage the execution of the day.

Which Type Of Wedding Planner Is Best For YouNo matter which type of wedding planner you decide on, hiring a wedding planner to help you through the process can make planning less stressful and your wedding day one you get to be part of and enjoy.