Tips for Reducing Wedding Stress

Tips for Reducing Wedding Stress

Tips for Reducing Wedding Stress

Planning a wedding is stressful. Finding your venue, caterer and photography are just a few of the many details you will have to decide on. All this while juggling your daily life, work and family can be a daunting task. Here are a few tips that can help you reduce the stress, while planning the wedding of your dream and most importantly enjoying your day.

Create a Budget

Start by creating an overall budget. Then breaking it down even further by categories such as catering, band, florals etc will help you know the amount of money you are willing to spend in each area. Be sure to give yourself a little wiggle room on areas that are really important to you and be willing to scale back on areas that are less important.

It’s also a good idea to set aside a little of your budget for miscellaneous expenses such as unexpected guest, vendor meals or services charges.

Tips For Reducing Wedding StressPrioritize

Make a list of your absolute must haves. Is the photographer and videographer extremely important to you or is the food at the reception the most important part of your event? Deciding your must haves let you know where you will want to spend a little more time and money on these areas.

Tips For Reducing Wedding StressHire a Wedding Planner

This can be one of the most important steps in helping reduce stress for your wedding. Whether you hire a planner to help you from beginning to end or just for the day of, they can reduce your stress, ensure all the details are taken care of and allow you to enjoy your day while they are making sure everything is in place.

If you decide to hire a planner to help you from the beginning, they can also help with budget as well as assist with your must have list so you can relax while knowing all the details are being covered.

Tips For Reducing Wedding StressDelegate Tasks

Be open to delegating task. Friends and family are usually very happy and actually honored to help you with your wedding. Your loved ones can relieve stress by taking on some of your tasks.

They want you to have an incredible day and will want to help with what they can. Don’t feel like you have to do everything by yourself. Just ask.

Tips For Reducing Wedding StressTake Care of Yourself

Trying to juggle planning and life can consume your time so be sure to take care of yourself. Stop and spend time with your future spouse or plan a spa day, manicure with your friends or relaxing alone with a good book. Do something that makes you happy and takes your mind off of all that needs to be done.

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