Miami Seaquarium: Two Venues in One

Miami Seaquarium: Two Venues in One

One of the biggest things people look into when having a event in South Florida is having a view of the waterfront from their event. But why, what bring one to wanting to be close to the water? Is it the wonderful ocean breeze, the beautiful colorful shades of blue, the rising and setting sun, or is it that feeling of being somewhat closer to nature? If this sounds interesting to you then the Miami Seaquarium has two main spots for you to choose from. Whatever your choice is, you will definitely have wonderful backdrop setting within both areas. 

Miami Seaquarium: Two Venues In OneThe Miami Seaquarium is more than just your average sea aquarium. Besides being a sea park, there are also spots on the property where you can host events and weddings. Both are separate form each other, but are close enough to make sure that you will not have choose between the background and scenery. So the next question you need to ask yourself is do I want my event or wedding on Event Field West, or do I want it on Sunset Cove? Though they both offer the same backdrop the choice comes down to the few different detail that will be listed later.

Miami Seaquarium: Two Venues In OneThe beauty of both of these event areas, is that no matter what you choose, you will not have to make that much of a hard decision. It is rear for a venue within Miami city limits to have more that one event area. Most of the time when deciding between event areas you need to travel a bit to visit venues. The great thing about the Miami Seaquarium is that you can have your choice to choose between these two areas without having to choose between two venues far apart form each other.

Miami Seaquarium: Two Venues In OneOne of the two areas that is available for your event is called Event Filed West. Miami Seaquarium features a large open event area that is perfect for any large gathering of your choice. The Event Filed West can accommodate large picnics, receptions, corporate events, private concerts, and private parties within Miami. This area features a signature, unrivaled and breathtaking view of the Miami Skyline and is capable of being completely customized to your ideal event desires.

Miami Seaquarium: Two Venues In OneThe other event area just on the other side of the cove that separates the two areas is know as Sunset Cove. This event space is a beautiful waterfront garden that is perfect for all day, or long evening events, and has a large reception area with the most incredibly beautiful sunset view of the Miami Skyline from Coconut Grove to Downtown Miami. Sunset Cove offers guests a front row seat to the vibrant Miami beat, dazzling waterfront views and the most amazing cityscape sunsets. 

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