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The Museum Of Graffiti

The Museum of Graffiti

The Museum of Graffiti

Throughout the late 1960s and early 1970s in large cities all over the United States, a new art from was created. Children invented a new art form that started with writing their names on walls, street signs, and almost anywhere they could reach in their neighborhoods. The local government did not seem to like that. So they decided to launched cleaning campaigns and mandated that young writers be arrested for their vandalism. Even so the movement could not be stopped. The Rebellious youth still forged ahead at a exponential pace with their creative innovations and inspired generations of new artist to arise.

Within no time, this new form of wall writings quickly developed to became more elaborate, vibrant, and decorative. This new form took on a unique and distinguishable signification like arrows, crowns and other innovations throughout their design and color. This is when the blueprint for tags, throw-ups, and masterpieces began.

Half a century later, the Museum of Graffiti was formed to help preserve graffiti’s history and celebrate its emergence and influence in design, fashion, advertising, and galleries all around. The Museum of Graffiti’s experience includes an indoor exhibition space, a fine art gallery, eleven exterior murals, and a world-class shop that is stocked with limited edition merchandise and exclusive items from the world’s most talented graffiti artists.

The Museum of Graffiti has now opened their doors as a venue. This will allow you and your guest to experience this wonderful artistic world up close and personal. After you and your guest are done with your ceremony head on over to The Museum of Graffiti for Cocktail hour, and then being your reception and dance the night away as you and your guest are surrounded with many beautiful forms of this type of art. Wedding receptions are not just the only thing The Museum of Graffiti is open for. They are available for corporate events, private parties, retreats and more. The only question is what type of event are you having at this venue.

If this interest you, or you would like to know more about The Museum of Graffiti for more information then click here.


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