2023 Wedding Trends

2023 Wedding Trends

It’s here! The list you’ve been waiting for! Wedding trends for the New 2023 Year are here! Get ready to plan your Big Day and Wow your guests with how trendy you are! 

Bold color has come back into the bridal palette as well as 80’s looks making a comeback. Check out the latest fads that will make your guests jaw’s drop. Don’t worry bestie, we’ve got you covered. 

Let’s Start the Countdown:

8. Bold Color Schemes

Bold colorful palettes can mark all aspects of the wedding. From dresses to decor the use of one bold color or pastel shades can make your big day beautiful.  These unforgettable color schemes can reflect a couple’s unique personality. Each maiden or matron in a daring palette of colorful dresses can make for gorgeous pictures. Bold blues will be making its way through the decor and even in the bridal gown design. Pastel pink is also a Big trending color for 2023. Light hues and bold deep pink shades will be popping up and down the aisle this coming year. 

7. Ceremony Backdrops

Ooooo, couples be gettin creative here! The sky’s the limit when it comes to backdrops for the nuptials. Broken arches are a big trend now with custom made floral arches in different shapes and sizes. The broken arch makes a big statement as a backdrop. Large floral floor pieces are a great trend as well. Hanging greenery above your heads from a gorgeous venue or outdoor tree gives a whimsical look, and can make your wedding photos breathtaking.

6. Considered Menus = Sustainability

Quality over quantity has become the standard. As guest lists have shrunk over the last couple years, the quality of the food has become more important to couples. Feeding 150+ people can end up being very wasteful. Carefully chosen passed hors D’oeuvres or a locally grown or curated charcuterie station gives guests specificity in their choices. A large grazing table can mean a lot of food going in the trash at the end of the evening. Quality ingredients instead of bigger varieties have become less wasteful. Locally sourced food, and sustainable wedding favors keep everyone on track in being mindful of keeping our beautiful planet clean. At Bill Hansen Luxury Catering we can stylize your menu to do just that.

5. Reception Entertainment

It’s not just a reception you’re planning anymore, it’s a guest experience. Trending away from just the first dance, toasts, eat, dancing, cake, leave; couples are coming up with a full program for the evening to make sure its an all immersive experience for their guests. From the way the food is prepared to the hiring of different activity vendors, there are many elements that can go into a wedding reception.

Immersive installations such as:

Chic and comfy guest lounge areas

Fire pits

Cigar rolling

Tequila shot ice luge

Stilt walkers


Fire dancers


Strolling champagne dress skirt people

There are so many ways you can flip your reception from just being a spectacle for your guests to watch, to getting them personally involved in the party.

4. Love Drunk Photos

Candid shots are here to stay, and photographers are jumping on the bandwagon. It’s always nice to have the traditional posing with the entire bridal party and family shots, but the photos that make it on the wall of your new apartment are usually the beautiful candid ‘we look so in love’ shots. The blurry photos of you running out the doors after your nuptials or your mom chasing after the ring bearer will be the shots you love and cherish. It’s such a fun day to celebrate. Capturing those moments with a talented photographer will be priceless.

3. Colorful Dresses & Embroidered Fashion

Yaasss! We love this trend! Even though the traditional white wedding dress will always be timeless and lovely; being able to incorporate some of your individual style and personality in your dress choice through the use of color is a definite YES to the DRESS! Dresses with floral embroidery or a full dainty floral pattern are making a debut. Puffy sleeves and the use of organza to make your dress huge and flowy. Detachable elements such as the skirt or sleeves for a seamless transition(see what I did there?) from the ceremony to the reception party. The 80’s style trends with big bows and poofy sleeves and skirts are making a comeback. We even hear pastel pink is the new white! The use of embroidery detailing on a part of your wedding ensemble is a hip new trend. Sewing heartfelt messages alongside your veil, gloves or the inside of a tuxedo jacket can make a cute keepsake or make a statement to your guests. 

2. Petite Bouquets

Smaller garden style flowers are popping up in wedding bouquets more often lately. The use of babies breath, whether the traditional white or a colored hue, has become really popular. Vintage inspired bridal and bridesmaid bouquets featuring a favorite floral such as anemone or forget me nots are paired with other typically filler florals, such as lavender, eucalyptus, daisies or other dainty blooms. Adding a personal trinket, small framed quote or picture of a loved one who has passed to the stem of the handheld bouquet is a small way to keep that person close to your heart on your special day.

1. Private Last Dance

What a beautiful way to end the evening than in the arms of your newly wedded significant other. After a fun night of raising the roof and parting till you want to drop, to just stop and take a breath with each other, alone, in the empty Miami reception venue, to a slow dance of your favorite song. You did it! All of the details came through, and your dream wedding has commenced. What better way to take it all in with a final dance commemorating the love for the one person you wanted to do it all with. Tell your wedding planner to make the guests file outdoors for your grand exit, while you take a final spin around the dance floor with your loved one. Just you two, and the photographer of course. 

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