90’s Flashback! 2023 Cocktail Trends

90’s Flashback! 2023 Cocktail Trends

Everybody! Yeahhhhh! Rock Yo Body! Yeahhhh! The 90’s Baby! Such an awesome decade! For those readers lucky enough to have been alive and thriving during this amazing decade, you will especially L O V E that the cocktail drink trends from this era are BACK! For all our friends born after “The Year Two Thousanddddd” (little nod to Conan), get ready to enjoy some great tasting, timeless cocktails & mocktails that will straighten your 80’s throwback hairdo, and make you do the harlem shake with its goody goodness. 

We did the research and checked in with Bartenders for their picks for what’s coming to a shaker near you for 2023.

“Sippin on a Negroni” -Soprano’s – 2022 brought us the Negroni Sbagliato which was Invented in the early ’70s in Milan, Sbagliato is Italian for “mistake”, which swaps out gin for prosecco, giving it a toned down taste with less alcohol punch. Therefore, Negroni Riffs will be trending in 2023. Mixologists are moving towards swapping prosecco with a sparkling wine made from red grapes, giving it an even lighter taste. Bartender’s are taking classic drinks and incorporating their own ingredients for a new creation.

‘Someone’s had a tee many Martooni’s” – Bedazzled –  A variety of ‘Tini’s are coming your way. Great winemakers are creating delicious Vermouth. This fresh and floral liquor will be making its way into martini glasses everywhere. The Espresso Martini will continue to shine by including coffee in with its liquor partners. The Appletini has always been a fun crowd pleaser, and is making a comeback as well. “Old is new” is the phrase to remember as mixologists take the old fashioned favorites and mix new elements to keep them fresh and trendy. 

“Aruba, Jamaica…Oooo I wanna take ya” – Beach Boys, Cocktail – Bartenders will be “Puttin On the Ritz ” for bar goers this year. Like Tom Cruise in the movie Cocktail, a tableside show that engages the drinker in how their drink is made will be fun and add entertainment value. A multi-sensory cocktail presentation will have mixologists looking for new ways to incite emotion while making their creations. Aroma expressed through vapor, smoke or fire. Or eye catching elements such as gel, foam or a food pairing. Just like catering trends are moving toward entertaining the eyes before the tongue, the show will come before the dinner is served to make it an experience guests won’t soon forget. Hiring a local Miami Caterer, such as Bill Hansen Luxury Catering, for your event is the right move when you are considering wowing your guests with presentation and celebration. 

“Why is the Rum always Gone?” – Jack Sparrow – That’s ‘Captain” Jack Sparrow to you. Rum is gaining momentum since it is an affordable spirit. This will be rum’s big year and sales are trending towards people being more likely to spend money on rum rather than its sister brown liquor, bourbon. 

“Pucker Up Buttercup” – Mr. Rooney, Ferris Bueller – Sours – Whiskey! Pisco! Amaretto! Name your sour, it’s here to stay! Well at least this year. Simple, versatile and super yummy. Margarita’s are a classic that will never die as long as there is Mexican food. Which means more tequila. People can’t get enough of tequila! Lesser known agave-based spirits are growing in popularity and tequila and mezcal will continue to be the star.

“I volunteer as tribute.” Katniss, Hunger Games – Volunteering for Dry January? There are many many reasons to choose a non-alcoholic beverage, and for those of us looking for a mocktail that’s actually for an adult, we will share how trends are finally giving the mocktail the respect it deserves. I mean Shirley Temples are awesomely yummy, but can we have a little variety here? Almost a quarter of consumers don’t drink alcohol, and having non-alcoholic options are nice for those people attending our events who are in recovery. Non-drinkers and drinkers alike want a sophisticated cocktail to sip and enjoy. A growing respect for non-alcoholic cocktails will be trending this year, so make sure to inquire with your Miami caterer on how to stay trendy by incorporating a great non-alcoholic option on your drink menu.

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