How Hiring an Event Planner Can Actually Save You Money

How Hiring an Event Planner Can Actually Save You Money

Vendor Discounts

Everybody loves – and needs – a bargain. Although your dream venue or menu may cost a pretty penny it’s a fact that most planners already have set discounts with the vendors they use, or can negotiate one if they are new to this particular planner. There are many event planners in Miami that already have relationships with the best and hottest venues and they know everyone in the biz and everyone knows them. This is also a great way to ensure you aren’t price gouged since your planner will already be aware of the amount a specific service should cost. Most vendors supply a 10-15% discount with known planners. They do business with them often and it is in the vendors best interest to give a discount since the planner will keep bringing business straight to their door. Make sure to choose a wedding planner with legitimate credentials so you don’t run into any issues down the road. 

How Hiring An Event Planner Can Actually Save You MoneySpecial Access to Hard to Get Vendors

Believe it or not, a wedding planner can be the gatekeeper to accessing the top vendors for your big day. “​​A little-known fact is some vendors turn down weddings when the couple doesn’t have a planner,” Kwok from explains. Many vendors actually require a couple to have a wedding planner in place to book through. Vendors want to work with Planners that are already in the industry and therefore know the lingo. While your planner advocates for what you want for your big day, the vendor can answer questions swiftly and accordingly when speaking to someone who already knows what they are talking about. This perk can be priceless when you want access to your dream venue or a special vendor.

Someone to Fight on behalf of Your Contract

Wedding planners are professionals, and can be your greatest advocate when negotiating and fulfilling contracts. Contractual agreement with different vendors can be confusing and overwhelming, especially since you will be signing and committing to a lot of different contracts. A lot goes into planning a wedding and the more your planner can consolidate Miami Wedding Vendors to do more services, it will definitely save you money in the long run. Your planner can read and negotiate the contract and “fine print” with ease. Where fee’s, prices and policies can get tricky to negotiate they have experience and their expertise leads you toward getting the best bang for your buck. Also if a vendor tries to sneak in some extra fees, doesn’t fulfill the contract as stated or God forbid does a bad job before or on your special day they can be the bulldog in your corner to make sure you either get non-disclosed fee’s eradicated or discounts or refunds for sub-par service. Most likely your planner is already using a vendor they have a relationship with and both parties definitely want to do their best to keep that rapport favorable. 

How Hiring An Event Planner Can Actually Save You MoneyBudget Tracker

Staying on budget for your event is way harder than it seems. Little expenses will pop up everywhere if you’re not careful. Especially if you have steak taste on a chicken nuggets budget. Once you give your planner the exact amount you can spend they can work their magic to still give you what you want within the amount you have to spend. Your wedding planner is going to track every expenditure and detail down to a ‘T’. You will always know how much you have left and won’t be surprised by any fees that pop up. Planner’s are great at educating you on where you should spend and where you can save. Now is’t that a load off?

How Hiring An Event Planner Can Actually Save You MoneyLess Stress

Besides your already full time life, planning a wedding can take up a huge chunk of any free time you have. You are also most likely changing your lifestyle; possibly moving to a new home, designing a shared budget, and probably starting a new diet on top of all that stress! It’s too much. Believe me you will still have plenty to do! There will be lot’s of decisions for you and your finance to make. Having a planner doesn’t change that, but they can take loads of stress off of you while still giving you the floor plan for the special day you’ve always dreamed of. Picking a great Event Planning Service that has loads of experience can free you up to actually continue to have some semblance of the life you had before getting engaged. This is not their first rodeo, so the experience they bring to the table accounts for less stress of you trying to navigate a process that you may not entirely be familiar with. It’s like getting a best friend that has all the insider info and hook ups for great deals that you couldn’t have dreamed of being able to have access to. Also, it’s a huge bonus to have someone designated for every possible problem or situation that could occur on the Big Day so your Aunt Sally doesn’t come to you with every little issue that arises. Your wedding planner does it for you, and you don’t even know there’s a problem because you get to just enjoy your beautiful day. The best memories are made when we get to bask in the glow of the moment instead of stressing about producing your own wedding.

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