Vintage is the New Trend

Vintage is the New Trend

Do you ever feel like you were born in the wrong decade? Do the classic styles of the 20’s or 40’s call to you in a way you can’t explain? Well, do up your hair in soft waves and grab the pearls and lace for this iconic trend. Bringing back pieces of the golden days is here to stay, and a great way to tip our hats in salute to this amazing era of days gone by. If you’re thinking about having a vintage wedding or event try out some of these awesome ideas listed below.

Vintage Photo Ops: Does someone in your family own an old car? Not that type of old car, but a classic? In mint to almost mint condition? Grab your honey and do a photo shoot and leave the car outside the church for your pals to get in on the photo fun. Or bring in the french bergère lounge that’s been sitting in your grandma’s museum room or Florida room as we like to call it, for a gorgeous photo opportunity for you and your besties. Grab the pearls, feather boas, cigars and old hats to make it loads of fun. 

Wax Seal on Invites or Menus: The wax seal has always been a fan of royalty and kings, and can be a fan of yours too. Order your initials or a family crest or favorite animal or bird and make that the new family seal of approval. Your guests will feel royal upon receiving your invitation and popping open that wax seal. Or be creative with them and use them on your menus seated at every place setting. 

Vintage Is The New Trend

Feathers, Pearls & Lace: How gorgeous for the bride to be wearing an old style netted hat instead of the traditional bridal veil? Add pearls and lace to the bridal bouquets. Tie old lace around the chairs in the reception. Pearls can add dramatic effect to the candelabras or dessert holders. Feathers are a major trend this year and can be so versatile in decor. Use them in the centerpieces, hair pieces or boutonniere’s for a day gone by feel. Add a beautiful brooch to your wedding dress or bridal bouquet. It can be a special way to incorporate ‘something old’. 

Wrought Iron Decor and Vintage Lanterns: Imagine a majestic wrought iron archway sprinkled with beautiful blooms to take your vows as partners under. Or fairy lit vintage lanterns strung from the trees above head or lining the walkways around the reception or wedding aisle. Even the ring bearer can carry an old lantern down the aisle with the rings tucked safely inside. 

Ceremonial Pew Seating: Maybe you have a great event planner who can show you stunning vintage Miami Venues. There are so many historic places that can be the perfect backdrop for your wedding reception or corporate event. An old church may still have pew style seating for your guests or bring the pews outside and place them alongside regular chairs. What a statement piece! People will be fighting to sit in the pews. 

Babies Breath: This timeless flower is so versatile yet so understated. The simplicity of babies breath makes it so easy to incorporate in so many different details. Use them in your bridesmaids bouquets, or hang them from the ceiling in giant colored puffy clouds. Line rows and rows of them as your centerpiece to your long tables. Even placing them in your hair or all of the girls’ hair can create a beautiful vintage look. 

Vintage Is The New Trend

Baskets, Gilt Frames, Doily Linen: All of these beautiful elements can be made to transform a decorative area into a place of old. Adding doilies under vintage telephones, cameras, typewriters or any of the other elements you can acquire from your elderly friends. Frame signature cocktail menus in gilt frames, or directional guest information. Baskets with wildflowers in vintage color hues can make a beautiful collection come to fruition. 

Gift Card Bird Cages: The cutest idea! Whether wood or guild or brass, a beautiful bird cage can make a great card holder for all of those guests inclined to give you one. Just make sure to include faux birds or eggs, you wouldn’t want droppings getting on your money. 

Luggage Trunks & Book Centerpieces: Go into grandma’s attic and look through those old trunks for some fantastic finds! But don’t forget the trunk itself! Beautiful vintage stacked trunks or luggage in the corner can be a beautiful eye catcher or photo op. Or incorporate your favorite old book titles into centerpieces on the tables. You can guarantee your guests will never be bored with the gatsby style dancing or a good book to read while sipping their favorite scotch. 

Vintage Is The New Trend

Crystal Decor – Chandeliers or Candelabras: Oh me oh my isn’t this crystal divine? Elaborate candelabras on the table surrounded by roses and greenery can make a glamorous statement. Or suspend the chandeliers over the tables for a beautiful lighted look. Finish off the table look with crystal cut glassware and flatware, and vintage China or Chargers in vintage design can make the old become new. Long beautiful tapers and a velvet linen can make this table feel even more royal.

French Bergère Lounge Seating: These couches of old in their velvet hues make for amazing photo ops. Besides being super cool and a fun place to sit and marvel at the scenery, why not take that scenery outdoors? Make lounge areas for your guests under canopy trees and hang fairy lights or go all out with a crystal chandelier suspended from the trees. 

Gilt Wedding Cake & Desserts: Using an edible gold gilt frame on your cake is all the rage! Or small pearls, also edible of course,  or lace outlay on the smooth sides of the cake. Tier it up with lots of layers because the cakes of olden days were always at least three high. Cake artists have gotten extremely creative with cakes nowadays and the sky’s the limit for your antique possibilities. A real large bow or draping edible cream can make a vintage look come to life. 

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