Unique Bar or Bat Mitzvahs that will have everyone talking!

Unique Bar or Bat Mitzvahs that will have everyone talking!

How beautiful is the celebration to recognize your child moving into adulthood. What a milestone to celebrate! If you find yourself celebrating this year we have the latest trends to help you throw a party to remember! From selecting the best Event Venue to the most experienced Event Planning Services, we’ve got it all so you can have a ball!

Unique Bar Or Bat Mitzvahs That Will Have Everyone Talking!The Right Venue:

What do you envision for your child, and what do they really love to do? This is a great place to start when thinking about your venue space. The space will also lend a hand with your party theme. So choose a place fitting for your child’s personality and where you can incorporate activities they would enjoy. There’s hotel ballrooms, versatile event spaces, restaurants with private dining rooms, local museum spaces, outdoor venues and more. A trusted event planner can help you choose the right fit for you and your family.

Unique Bar Or Bat Mitzvahs That Will Have Everyone Talking!The Right Theme:

Great party themes celebrate your son or daughter’s personal brand. They encompass their unique personality and personal style well. If your child knows exactly what they want or is maybe struggling with deciding we can help by showing you the latest trends happening in 2022. 

Popular Bar & Bat Mitzvah Themes:

  1. Disco – Now the glitz and glamor of the disco theme has become a timeless tradition. Disco will truly never die and is always so much fun for all ages. The awesome fun clothing you get to wear, the big hair, bright make up and don’t forget the disco ball! 
  2. Candy! – What kid doesn’t LOVE candy? Different colors can be used to create colorful displays. Giant foam or plastic pieces as centerpieces, and just imagine the endless candy table with tons of choices for all. Who can decide? Every detail with this colorful theme will bring out all the feels of childhood and happiness. The cake imagination is endless with a colorful macaroon cake to individualized desserts easy to mingle with.
  3. Neon Lights & Graffiti – Neon has made a huge comeback, and there are companies that can craft anything you want into this one of a kind signage. Sending out a special message or making one in your child’s name that they can hang in their room is a great memory keepsake as well. Graffiti artists can do the same with their awesome attention to detail. A mural highlighting your child’s life or different spaces where guests can write a message to the new young adult are great ideas to incorporate. 
  4. Boho Chic – It’s not just for weddings anymore. Everyone is getting on the boho bandwagon. Pull up the airstream for a special “virgin’ cocktail bar or a cool photo booth. The fur covered poofs and comfortable seating make mingling with friends so easy. Create an ethereal feel with garden greenery or balloons in monochromatic or earthy colors. 
  5. Cirque du Soleil – Your guest will say WOW and their eyes will pop with this awesome theme. Aerial acrobats and performers can bring your party to the next level. Dazzling neon lights and fairy lights illuminating the space and in the table centerpieces can create the feeling of other worldliness.
  6. Sports – Everyone knows that sports is life. Whatever your child’s favorite sport, putting this theme together can be fun and innovative. Whether it’s an ice hockey dance floor to a soccer green wall. Games can be used to decorate around the room, and also give your not so inclined to dance guests lots of different activities to do! 
  7. Garden Party – Flowers can make any space feel warm and inviting. Bring this theme outside into a botanical garden that already has beautiful seasonal blooms or a talented florist can make any indoor space capture the spiritual essence of the occasion. Florals can help design and bring together any vision you want to inspire.
  8. Balloon Craziness! – Balloon artists can do just about anything with balloons nowadays. We are far past the photo op backdrop because balloons can be used all over the event space to even be your theme. Balloon sculptures and even balloon head dresses for the guests can be incorporated to showcase the beautiful array of ways this theme can be expressed. 
  9. Old Hollywood – as soon as you grace the doorway for this old timely theme you will feel transported back in time. Walk the red carpet as paparazzi clamor to take your photo. Guests will be dressed to the nines in garb of the Gatsby days, and enjoy lavish decor made to impress. Everyone will feel like a celebrity with this glitzy theme. 
  10. Pop Art – Imagine design elements based on vintage comic books and vibrant pops of color everywhere! This 1950’s theme has been reimagined in creative ways to incorporate thought bubbles as desserts. Bright signage with statements like “POW” & “BAM”. And your coming of age child as the main superhero and star of the event. 

Unique Bar Or Bat Mitzvahs That Will Have Everyone Talking!The Right Help:

Choosing the right south Florida event planning team is crucial in the planning process. It will save you many headaches, time and usually money in the long run by choosing a great company that understands your vision and vibes with you well. An event planner can help every step along the way in the planning process. The photographer and/or videographer can capture all of the special moments you will want to relive over and over. A Dj is a popular choice and they can make sure to play popular music and the type of music you and your family enjoy. The decor company is sure to take your personal vision and make the event look like you envision but even better! They can make everything come together with your theme so that your child can marvel in the wonderland they have created. The right Miami Catering company can please the palate and the eye of all ages. From the dinner, apps, and candy bar or cake they will have ideas to execute your theme. Your chosen event planning service can help you choose the best third parties so that everything can come together nicely. 

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