The Cruz Building

The Cruz Building

The Cruz Building coves with three different levels, and each may be different from each other, but still stick to that same historic baroque setting throughout the building. Imagine having three beautiful and distinctly different levels for you to enjoy throughout your exquisite event. Whether you choose to introduce your guests to individual levels and terraces throughout this venue, or give them their leisure to meander from floor to floor, there is no doubt that it will be an event you treasure and remember. 

The Cruz BuildingAs you enter the Cruz Building you will be met with The Grand Staircase Courtyard. Whether you envision a grand bridal entrance or an elegant cocktail reception, The Grand Staircase Courtyard offers you a breathtaking and truly unique entrance for any event of your choosing.  Walk through the brick arches of the Grand Staircase Courtyard, and you’ll find a 40-foot, intricately carved bar that sits center-stage in the English Bar Room. The English Bar Room is complete with natural onyx stone counters which illuminated from underneath to form a stunning setting for your event. The checkered marble floors, hand painted and wine colored walls really give off that historic bar feeling which is complemented by many one-of-a-kind antique chandeliers.

The Cruz BuildingAs you ascend The Grand Staircase from the courtyard, you will enter the Royal Mezzanine level. As you take in the view from The Royal Mezzanine level you can see the wrought iron and brass alcoves as you look around and enjoy the people and the event from a whole new perspective. The rich dark wood floors are warm and inviting, and a row of paneled booths which can give your guest to memorable conversations with each other.  

The Cruz BuildingAscend up the spiral staircase while enjoying the view of the celestial ceilings, massive stained glass window and Tuscan countryside scene on the walls. You have just now entered the The Cruz Ballroom. With it’s mahogany wood paneling and massive lighting, and bronze chandelier sits at the top of the stairs and offers you an opulent and truly elegant setting. The Cruz Ballroom can accommodate a multitude of many guest, as well as a combination of tables and dancing, for the end to a simply spectacular event. Upon the same level is the Terraza De Leon. Giving you some fresh air under the Miami sky, enjoy a walk onto the Terraza De Leon, as you listen to the music as you can look down on to the streets of Coconut Grove. The natural limestone terrace is brimming with its charm, and lit by iron and copper lanterns. As if it was a scene straight from the Florida Everglades or Louisiana’s bayou. 

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