15 Unique Event Favors

15 Unique Event Favors

There are two types of guests in the events industry. Those who love to receive free event favors, and those who see favors as clutter. As event planners in Miami, we understand that event favors can serve many purposes, from publicity to sentimental memories. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of unique event favors that will surely be a hit with both types of guests at your next corporate event or wedding

Day-Of Essentials

Depending on the nature of your event, your guests may need supplies to better enjoy the event. For that reason, we suggest providing a few day-of essentials to keep everyone actively engaged.


For guests attending outdoor event venues in Miami, this favor could be a lifesaver. This will be a guaranteed crowd pleaser for all age groups and demographics because UV rays don’t discriminate! The possibilities to customize sunscreen bottles or sprays are endless. Custom sunscreen inspiration here.

Hand Sanitizer

As socially distanced events became more common, we’ve also seen an increase in personal hand sanitizer favors. These favors are ideal for facilitating guest hygiene between meals or handshakes. Custom hand sanitizer inspiration here.

Personal Fan

While your event planning services may have accounted for air conditioning at your venue, a personal fan would surely be appreciated by the more sweat-prone guests. The customization and style options for a personal fan can range from handheld to battery-powered depending on your event. Custom personal fan inspiration here.


Whether you’re the bride or the sales representative at a corporate trade show, you’re likely to use a free chapstick given the opportunity. Get creative with chapstick shapes and sizes according to your event’s theme. Custom chapstick inspiration here.

Tote Bag

It’s likely that most of your guests did not bring a large enough bag (or pockets) to store multiple event favors. Tote bags are a convenient favor that oftentimes guests are expecting to receive. They’ll likely serve as future free publicity while guests run errands with them. Custom tote bag inspiration here.

15 Unique Event FavorsHome And Office

An area of life that is never finished being decorated is a guest’s home and office. Depending on the branding or style chosen, these event favors can be made suitable for corporate and personal events.

Phone Stands

The utility of a phone stand is endless for guests that use their phone to watch Youtube videos, follow recipes, read the news, Facetime relatives, or record Tik Toks. Additionally the range of custom styles phone stands can be suitable for all event types. Custom phone stand inspiration here.


During the pandemic, we saw a spike in plant lovers and owners. Why not encourage this hobby at your next event or provide faux plants for guests without a green thumb. Mini succulent inspiration here.

15 Unique Event FavorsCandles

A favor with a delicious aroma will never be frowned upon by guests. We’ve seen couples exclusively choose a scent meaningful to them, and corporate event services personalize their candle shapes. Custom candles inspiration here.

Phone Charging Pad

Depending on your event budget, this favor will surely be a hit with guests. Charging pads that are compatible with iPhones or Androids are convenient for busy adults, and easily customizable. Custom phone charging pad inspiration here.


Whether this is your guest’s first set of coasters or their third, this favor is useful to protect their dining tables or office desk. Customizing coasters with creative puns or beautiful logos will bring a fun touch to your event. Coaster design inspiration here.

Food And Drink

Favors related to food and drink are likely to be quickly consumed by guests while they wait for a main course to be provided. This type of favor may also be more manageable to arrange with your special event catering or corporate event catering provider.

Mini Anything

We surely can’t be the only ones who instantly feel drawn to the mini versions of items! A mini event favor is a great way to incorporate a meaningful food or drink that relates to your event. Some of our favorites are a mini sriracha bottle or honey jar. Mini edible favors inspiration here.

Shot Glasses

The creative possibilities to customize a shot glass are innumerable. Events serving alcohol will likely see these favors being put to use during the event! Nonetheless, this is a favor that can be used for alcoholic drinks, nonalcoholic drinks, or as kitchen decor. Custom shot glass inspiration here.

15 Unique Event FavorsPersonal Snacks

We foresee buffets making a very slow return to large event spaces, since individually packaged meals became the norm this past year. Lucky for our event planners out there, personal snack bags can be filled with popcorn, donuts, cookies, pretzels, or candies! These favors will appease guests with a sweet tooth and are also easy to include in your catering service arrangement.

DIY Treats

In the case that you prefer guests to enjoy their event favors at a later date, we recommend providing them with all the necessary ingredients in a package instead! This will allow the attention to remain on the food provided at your event, and will create a special memory for them in the future. We’ve seen this with hot chocolate, smores, cheesecake, or pie kits in a mason jar. DIY treats inspiration here.


There is no greater surprise for guests than finishing a meal or beverage, and getting to keep the dish it came in! We’ve seen this favor idea executed as customized mini charcuterie boards, decorative cake plates, custom mason jars, or beautiful wine glasses. Many guests will appreciate a favor that serves a future purpose in their home.

Remember that event favors with significance to your event’s purpose will best resonate with guests. We wish you the best of luck planning your next event!


Tote bag photo by Ginny Rose Stewart on Unsplash

Succulent photo by Beatriz Moraes on Unsplash

Mason jar dessert photo by Karly Gomez on Unsplash

Written By Emily Calderon

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