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Loft On Bayshore

Loft on Bayshore

Loft on Bayshore

There is a very exquisite and uniquely designed venue prestigiously located in Coconut Grove hidden within the Immaculata-La Salle High School Grounds. This contemporary space ideal for your intimate wedding reception within Miami is known as The Loft on Bayshore. The Loft on Bayshore has been redesigned to create a perfect palette of entertainment for your next major event. This venue is the ideal space for all and any Corporate and/or Social celebrations that can accommodate up to 250 guests for a cocktail and reception up to 150 guests for an exquisite formal sit down.

With its stunning decor of exposed dark ceilings, stark white walls, and dark wood flooring; they are followed and complemented by elegant flowing fabrics and eclectic lighting. The Loft on Bayshore venue sets the perfect intimate atmosphere for your special day or event. The Loft on Bayshore has a beautifully crafted 21-foot wooden bar with elegant glass shelving as the backdrop. The versatile wooden displays within the Organic Room gives the perfect picturesque artistic touch to the already stylish and modernly designed look within this venue. Your guests will get together mix, mingle with teacher other, and sip cocktails at the stylish interactive stations that reflect the soft glow of lights within the Organic Room.  

The grounds offer bountiful romantic glow of trees that are covered with beautiful lights; That just set the mood for all and any exterior photoshoots. With a exclusive and attractive private entrance with an up-lighted driveway you’ll feel like a rockstar with your own private entrance. Or go full red-carpeted and make your grand entrance to happy faces of smiling friends and family. As they all gather to celebrate your your special day with love and cheer. Once inside you and your guests can get together and dance under The Loft of Bayshore’s beautiful array of ever changing lights. This will be the beginning of what will be one of your most unforgettable days of happiness, romance and love.

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