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Gatsby Inspired Wedding  & Event Guest Attire

Gatsby Inspired Wedding & Event Guest Attire

Gatsby Inspired Wedding & Event Guest Attire


When planing a wedding or event, fashion influences the theme and style of the event venue. You have to consider if the venue is taking place at an outdoor venue, a barn, beach venue, or ballroom. This will influence the theme and style of fashion of formal, informal or semi casual.

One style that continues to be very popular is the Gatsby style. The craze surrounding Gatsby inspired wedding and event themes has been present for years and doesn’t seem to be fading. Gatsby’s era, the 1920’s, were full of glam, sophistication, and fun. The roaring twenties, as we know, is the period of the blooming cultural changes and dynamic social life. This period of cultural change also affected women and empowered them.



The roaring twenties are glamorously portrayed in Great Gatsby and Olvi’s Crystal Nights Collection reflects this glamour, luxury and the extraordinary party style. The theme of Great Gatsby is captured through all the feminine features and opulent details. Because the 20’s are the era when women truly embraced their beauty, every piece in Crystal Nights is created to emphasize femininity and all the womanly features.

When a Great Gatsby themed wedding or event is organized, it should look like a party organized by Jay Gatsby, grandiose, extravagant, with lavish details, and lots of champagne! To fit such a party, guests need to look as glamorous as the party itself, and Olvi’s Crystals Nights Collection is a perfect fit.



The gowns and dresses from the Olga Yermoloff line have beautiful eye catching, luxurious details with fine beads and figure flattering fabrics. The knee length dresses are such a popular style for the roaring twenties, which can also be found in the collection in a wide selection of styles and colors. Guests can combine a very feminine, figure flattering dress with pearls, crystals, and jewels to create a full luxury feeling, which perfectly fits a Great Gatsby theme.

So when attending a lavish Great Gatsby event make sure to look though Olvi’s Crystal Nights Collection to find the dress that will define you. And don’t forget to wear your fine pearls!




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