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5 Foolproof Things You Need To Know Before Searching For A Venue

5 Foolproof Things You Need to Know Before Searching for a Venue

5 Foolproof Things You Need to Know Before Searching for a Venue

In my 50 years of catering weddings and events, one of the saddest things that I see are couples and planners who enter the planning arena without doing their homework. This leads them to a path of time, energy, and money wasted.

In my opinion here at the 5 Things Needed before one starts searching for an event venue.


Narrow that down. Large metropolitan areas have myriad neighborhoods, so rather than using the shotgun approach, decide what part of town is best for you. Consider traffic patterns and distance from hotels to the event space.



Estimated Guest Count

If you don’t know that, take a calculated guess since event venues all have different capacities. Too many in a small space may not fit. And too few in a large space will make your guests feel like nobody wanted to come.


Venue Style

What is your design vision? Rustic, historic, museum, ballroom, hotel, gallery, indoor, industrial, modern, waterfront, rooftop or a private room in a restaurant are all options. By the way, private rooms in restaurants are great values.



Your Budget

I know this is a difficult one but keep in the mind the average wedding costs around $30,000. And if you choose an event venue with no outside catering, then your venue rental fee will consist of 15-30% of your total budget. There are venues priced from as low as $1,500 all the way up to $70,000+.



Who is Making the Final Decision?

It’s best to get early buy-in of the decision makers and their influence. For a wedding it may be the couple who has the final say, or perhaps others who are contributing financially. For a corporate event it maybe you, your boss, or even your board of directors. It gets complicated for social events where folks volunteer their time. Everyone has their own ideas, but someone must be in charge and have the final say.


Wishing You a Seamless Venue Sourcing Experience—Visit Bill Hansen Miami Venues to save you time and money.

Written by Bill Hansen of Bill Hansen Miami Venues

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