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Charming Vintage Mobile Bar & Photo Booth

Charming Vintage Mobile Bar & Photo Booth

Charming Vintage Mobile Bar & Photo Booth

No 9 Vintage Mobile Bar , also known as Donatella, is charming venues in South Florida. This unique and much needed concept of a vintage mobile bar and photo booth was brought to the South Florida area by Tamara Feola. While growing up in New Orleans, Tamara was influences for the love of everything vintage. And Donatella totally speaks vintage, elegant, and fun! With years of experience in the restaurant and event industry, Tamara wanted to make sure that guests attending weddings, corporate and social events have an incredible experience that they will never forget.



This stylish mobile bar is a 1991 Piaggio Ape, (pronounced ah-pey) which means bee in Italian.
Tamara tells us,“she was imported from Italy and is fully functioning, so I can drive her around. Her engine sounds like a little buzzing bee. Originally looking like a flat bed truck, these 3 wheeled trucksters were used in Italy to make deliveries through Italy’s tiny streets.”



The bar was custom designed to Tamara’s specifications. “Every detail was carefully chosen to make it as functional and beautiful as possible using all of it’s tiny space. There isn’t another Piaggio Ape mobile bar in the US that has a built in photo booth as mine does!” And the best part of this adorable mobile bar is that it only measures at 5’ wide and 9.5’ long making it so easy to fit inside spaces of the best wedding venues in the area.



The Donatella has the ability to serve from both sides and there is also a front bar for additional space if needed. The bar can serve up to 150 guests. And if space allows, there is also some fancy decor extras such as a lounge seating set.


No 9 Mobile Bar bar cart


Tamara wants her clients to feel like they have exactly the dreams they envision for their special day. She works one on one to discover what their ideas and tastes are. “Because I’m a tap truck, we try and focus on using the taps, which can pour craft beer, wine, Prosecco or custom keg cocktails. If they decide not to use the taps, we can also offer pouring from bottles or 2-3 custom cocktails.”



This No 9 Vintage Mobile Bar is the perfect touch to keep your guests in great spirits at any event. At your next event add a little vintage and spirits with Donatella. Cheers!

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