5 Hot Trends For Your Corporate Party

5 Hot Trends For Your Corporate Party

As corporations are beginning to meet in person again and celebrate the fact that they can be together corporately, either small scale and some big scale events are trending in a big way, while still staying safe. Finding the right Corporate event venue and event planning service to help you “show some love” to your employees is key to promoting a great event. You worked hard to hire all of those people, and they work hard for you everyday. Whether you are launching a new phase or concept or just celebrating an awesome holiday, how you express your appreciation to your employees or clients impacts your ROI and promotes job security and stability. Here are a few trends in 2022 to make sure your corporate party is a hit!

One: Virtual & Hybrid Events are Still a Thing

As corporations hired and expanded this past year they have become creative in how their employees can work from home. Virtual events have the capacity to reach a much wider audience and have become ultra creative. As we move to more in person events they can still be on a small scale. Hybrid events that accommodate people who may feel more comfortable at home, or maybe live far away from the home office still accommodate both types that want to be together with colleagues in person or not. If your event involves keynote speakers or performances these can be easily be live streamed. Using recordings of these events and speakers can be useful in future marketing materials. For those that crave togetherness, coming together for your event can still be useful and safe. We missed out on a lot during the pandemic, and people want to be together again. Choosing an outdoor venue has become extremely popular. We’ve learned certain precautions can make it safe for everyone. Maybe your company has employees and clientele all over the country or world, smaller microevents can be planned in their specific area instead of traveling to the mothership. These smaller scale events can be more interactive and involve more discussion based activity. 

5 Hot Trends For Your Corporate PartyTwo: Quickly Understand Brand

Put the Brand on everything, and that doesn’t mean you have to customize everything with the company logo. What does your brand mean? What does it express or give to the masses? This is what can be incorporated in everything from the style of invitation to the corporate event catering. Party decor can communicate the company brand. Use unique and specific decor to do so. Project marketing video on the wall behind the DJ booth. Place the lighted logo on the dancefloor. Use lush florals and greenery or glamorous metallic balloons in the company brand colors. Promote networking conversations with comfy lounge seating. 

Onsite mixologists can put the vision or mission on an edible floaty in the signature cocktail drink. 

5 Hot Trends For Your Corporate PartyThree: Out Of The Box Venues

There are so many cool places to host your event, use some of these ideas to inspire a comfy or picturesque landscape. Imagine the endless photo ops at a zoo exhibit or aviary. A performing arts center to enjoy a show as the main entertainment of the night. Skyscraper views or rooftop venues are a dramatic backdrop for your event. A museum or art gallery to enjoy the exhibits. A hip studio space can evoke intimacy and creativeness. A gorgeous outdoor tent or under the stars venue makes it safe for everyone. An old style mansion or architectural hotspot in your city can also be a great spot for everyone to congregate. 

5 Hot Trends For Your Corporate PartyFour: Table Spotlight

The meal brings people together. It’s where people chat and get to know each other or follow up with old colleagues. How you decorate the table speaks volumes and the food itself can symbolize your brand. Choose a theme that communicates your vision for the year or a new company launch. If it’s technology using metallics and monochromatic colors can speak volumes. If you sell a body care service use lush greenery and natural elements to evoke the senses. The menu can be plant based or farm to table utilizing local growers. Maybe the chargers and extravagant china are the focus or the table linens steal the spotlight. Table lighting is essential in evoking the emotion you want to create for networking, education or just good old fashioned down time and fun. Unique centerpieces can inspire conversation, have an artist do a different piece for each table. 

5 Hot Trends For Your Corporate PartyFive: Entertainment

The right music can keep the vibe on point for your event. Make sure the DJ or band knows the playlist and how it would fluctuate during different points in the evening. Personalized party favors will make your employees feel special and appreciated. A critical thinking inspired take home project to inspire activity and talk after the event is over. A post event meeting to brainstorm what is to come can be purposeful and make everyone feel a part of the team. Branded keychains for personal use or DIY projects for those who like to work with their hands can make for an awesome keepsake and a night remembered. 

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