Trendy Wedding Catering Ideas

Trendy Wedding Catering Ideas

You’ve walked down your rose petal laden aisle and said “I Do”, and now your wedding guests are moving to the cocktail hour and reception time. Adding a little pizazz when planning your wedding catering menu can make the difference between a “ho-hum, same as always” or a “Eye-popping-WOW” reaction!  We want to give you the ideas that will dazzle your guests and keep them coming back for more. And when we say more, we mean more food! Here are some trending ideas that will make your reception spread the talk of the town.

Food On The Move

When your guests catch the eye of the gal with the Roving Champagne Skirt she will be sure to make an impression. This is a fun and unique way to make sure your guests’ thirst stays quenched & can offer a fun photo op while they drink. Or maybe seafood is where your love lies? The fun-loving idea of a Roving Oyster Shucker can impress your guests and add a level of entertainment and amusement.

Mobile Bites inspired by Food trucks are a huge trend. Whether it’s a ‘pour your own beer truck’ or a rolling dessert cart these mobile ‘food on wheels’ trends have become a guest favorite. Late night treats wherever your guests are can be a fun distraction from dancing. Roll the cart right onto the dance floor and encourage them to take a treat while they sway.

Trendy Wedding Catering Ideas

Personalize It

His and Hers Cocktails have become a standard in Miami weddings. These specialty drinks have been popping up on bar members throughout SOFLA. Take a piece of your own personality or ask your catering company to design your own drink based on your favorite alcohol base. Then give it a fun name that reflects your personality or an inside joke only your guests would get. Lots of couples have been incorporating their fur babies in this way by naming the cocktails after their fur children and having mock menus with their beautiful animals likeness on them. Snap and Sip cocktails are all the rage. Your guests won’t believe their eyes when they see a picture of the bride and groom floating right on top of their drinking glass. You will see everyone taking out their phones to snap a picture of this unique drink idea, and it’s edible of course!

Trendy Wedding Catering Ideas

Switch Up The Desserts and have a pie bar instead of the traditional cake. Maybe you’re just not a cake person…cake couple? Maybe you like pie, or any number of other desserts instead. The sky’s the limit when it comes to asking your Miami caterer for help is designing a personalized dessert menu. If you want to stay traditional and have the cake cutting for the pictures and the memories, do it! But if cake isn’t necessarily your forte, then do up a dessert menu that will blow your guests minds and please your personal palate as it should. It’s YOUR wedding. You actually can have your cake and pie, donut bar, smores bar, etc, and eat it all too!

Share Grandma’s Recipe. One of Bill’s favorite memories was the time we at Bill Hansen Luxury Catering were asked by a couple to make the bride’s grandmother’s special time honored meatloaf recipe for all of their guests at her wedding. What a treat! We made individual meatloaf’s for each guest straight from her grandmother’s recipe. What a way to personalize and honor a family member with a beautiful tradition.

Include Local Flavor by adding ingredients from locally sourced venues. Are you holding your event in South Florida because you are from South Florida? Or maybe you love the unique flavor of Cuban food, or the tart zing of the Florida Key Lime? These are all ingredients and elements that can be used in your menu. Famous Chef, Dewey Lasco, from the Bill Hansen Luxury Catering team once made Key Lime Cookies and Chocolate Lychee Truffles when the bride and groom requested adding local flavor from their beautiful South Florida home town into their menu.

Classic Comebacks

Champagne Towers from the 20’s have made a comeback and are super fun for the bride and groom to entertain their guests without any awkwardness. Guests love to see the main event couple in action and this is a fun and easy way to show off and treat everyone with a glass of bubbly at the same time. The photos are always an amazing addition as well.

Trendy Wedding Catering Ideas

Late Nite Bites keep the party going into the wee hours. Who wants the party to end anyways? Bring back some nostalgic favorites like s’mores or milk and cookies to satisfy that midnight sweet tooth. If salty is your preference choose some homey favorites like sliders and french fries or mini cuban sandwiches.

Mini Casseroles and Comfort Foods are also reentering the scene at trending events. Downhome favorites offered in a bite size treat for all to enjoy. Treats such as chicken and waffles or pigs in a blanket. Classic mac n cheese or casseroles offered in individual containers are a big hit.

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