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Top 4 Drinks To Have At Your Wedding Or Event

Top 4 Drinks To Have at your Wedding or Event

Top 4 Drinks To Have at your Wedding or Event

When planning a wedding or event people remember the venue, the dress, suits, the food, the entertainment, but most people don’t think about what will they drink. Besides the food, gowns, and guest, drinks are a staple part of what is remembered when having a wedding or event. A bar is like the local watering hole, and it brings everyone together. When you bring everyone together they can meet old friends and even make new ones while there too. But what drinks should one get, and what types of liquor should one bring to their wedding or event? Well if you are having trouble deciding here are a top few suggestions for you listed below.

Let us start out with a classic drink of choice. A drink that has been around since the 1800s and is still popular today. This drink is known as an “Old Fashioned”. You take some bourbon or whiskey, bitter, a few other ingredients, and serve it over on the rocks, and there you go you have yourself and Old Fashioned. This type of drink of drink goes with every type of occasion. Especially Roaring 20s of Southern themed weddings or events. Either way, this Drink will definitely be on to be remembered the night of your wedding or event.

Another choice on a classic type of drink is known as the “Moscow Mule”. Yes this drink is younger that the previously stated “Old Fashioned”, but came out around the early 1940s. The Moscow Mule is made with vodka, lime juice, ginger beer, and served on the rocks in a special type of mug. The mug is what makes the Moscow Mule special; it is the main device that keeps the drink cool while you sip it throughout your time at your wedding or event. Even though it is seen as a classic it goes with every type of theme you can think of when planning a event or wedding, and it will be a drink that everyone will enjoy.

Now on to one of the most famous classics on the list. This drink has been around since the late 1920s, and is known as the “Mojito”. Take a Tall glass add mint, fresh lime juice, a few other ingredients, Muddle them tougher, pour your rum and soda, and your Mojito is ready to be served. This Classic Cuban cocktail goes with any beach, Miami themed weddings or events that you will plan. One can enjoy this drink in an outdoor open venue, on the beach or inside your chosen venue with a view of the Miami skyline.

The final drink on our list is the “Margarita”. This classic drink of choice has been around since the 1930s and is still making its way around bars and event today. Take your tequila, some triple sec, some fresh lime juice, shake it in a shaker with ice, and pour into a glass with ice. The “Margarita” is a classic when coming to events and weddings, it is a simple name to remember and easy to order. With the variety of special twist to this classic make the “Margarita” feeling fresh and original to today’s standards. It is a drink that seems to keep evolving and will stay up to date with whatever theme you choose to have at your event or wedding.

These were just a few of the many popular choices of drinks one can have at their event or wedding. Of course there are a multitude of options, but these few will help you decide on which one you will want to be a staple at your event or wedding. As listed in the “Margarita” section the drink is ever changing on its recipe, and one can always change the recipe to any of the drinks listed above to make it your personal drink for your event or wedding. This list will help make your choices of drink list a little easier when planning, so make sure to add a drink list next time you plan your next event or are planning your wedding.

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