Sweetheart Table or Not

Sweetheart Table or Not

Clearly a sweetheart table gives you some intimate face time with your new spouse and allows you to enjoy your first meal as a married couple. And sometimes due to family issues you need to sit by yourselves rather than amongst feuding relatives.

I’ve catered over 10,000 weddings so trust me when I say nix to the sweetheart table. This is a lifetime event where you’ll only have a few hours to hang with your family and friends. And why in the world would you want to isolate yourselves from those who traveled thousands of miles to be with you?

Sweetheart Table Or Not

There’ll be a lifetime of opportunities for dinner for two.

On this night, sit with your loved ones and mix and mingle with your guests.

I’ve seen plates full of food sit idly on a sweetheart table as the couple gravitates to those who they love.

Sitting with those close to you will give you a better chance to at least have a few bites of food. But chances are, with all of the excitement, you’ll be taking your dinner back to your hotel room.

Just be sure that your caterer packs you a to-go basket for noshing in the wee hours as you unwind from the most important night of your life.

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