Secrets to Shopping for Your Miami Wedding Venue and Caterer

Secrets to Shopping for Your Miami Wedding Venue and Caterer

Too many times it’s the low bidder that is chosen to cater an event. Buyers simply flip through the proposal to the last page with the price and decide.

DThat’s fine if you’re buying a car, television, or kitchen appliance because you are comparing apples to apples. But for your most special day, the lowest bidder may not be the best choice.

Couples who are simply looking at the proposal document without searching beyond it to the company’s reputation, their team, and most importantly the relationship with the salesperson or event producer with whom they will working can be a formula for failure.

What you read is one thing, but what is delivered at the event may be quite different.

So how does a buyer of catering at a Miami wedding venue discern who to choose? Here are some ways that are guaranteed to be effective:

  1. Learn all you can about the firm, their team ,and their services. Obtain recommendations from others.

Most firms have favorable online reviews but look beyond that.

It’s worth the time to talk to the firm’s clients/former clients.

  1. Invest some time on the phone, online or in person with the person(s) you’ll be working with. Get to know them and determine if there’s good chemistry. Remember, you’ll be working with them for quite some time before the event. If you Miami wedding is outdoors, be sure to ask about the rain plan and your Miami location.
  1. If you like what you’ve learned about your salesperson and the company at your Miami wedding venue, but the price is too high to meet your budget, ask your salesperson to show you ways that will reduce the price while still delighting your guests. Your salesperson should be adept at lesser cost substitutions, items that could be eliminated (the frills), and other innovative ways that will surely delight your guests, without blowing your budget.
  2. And lastly, look for their passion, teamwork, focus on quality and ability to innovate. Then make your choice from our wide assortment if wedding venues in Miami.

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