Bill Hansen Talking About the Venues and Caterers in Miami

Bill Hansen Talking About the Venues and Caterers in Miami

At 75 years young I recall when I first moved to Miami in 1975 there were only a handful of venues other than hotels, clubs, and restaurants with private rooms. Like the explosion in population since 1975 there has been an explosion of wedding venues in Miami. They number well into the hundreds and grow every day. For a taste of some, visit www.bill-hansen.local

So how does a couple find the perfect wedding venue in Miami for their wedding? Wowed by online ads, and slick photos in magazines, they begin their search with a shotgun approach. Looking far and wide from Palm Beach to Islamorada, many wander from venue to venue without first considering the essentials.

Some key ingredients to any venue search should include location, venue style, number of guests, curfews, waterfront or not, indoor outdoor or both and yes….the B word….BUDGET.

Choose the best venues in your Budget

To ease one’s mind about budgets wedding venues in Miami come in all price ranges from a few hundred dollars to six figures, and everything in between. Before starting to look, to save you time, come up with your criteria before you head out the door.

The other huge factor is once you’ve invested in wedding location in Miami, there are many other costs involved, with the most for food and beverage. Again, there are caterers and event planners in Miami in all price ranges in both double digits and triple digits per person. Most wedding locations in Miami allow you to choose your own caterer; however, don’t risk your event on the low-price choice, the family friend who cooks for a hobby, or a caterer who has never worked at your selected venue. Most wedding venues in Miami have a preferred caterer list and you would be well-advised to stick to their recommendation, lest you be disappointed.

If you’re planning an outdoor wedding at an outdoor wedding venue in Miami, be sure to ask about what happens if it rains. Sometimes your Miami wedding planner can help with that, or your Miami caterer.

At Bill Hansen Miami Venues we are more than happy to assist you with your venue search at no charge, and even recommend one of our competitors for your catering if we’re booked or at the wrong price point to fit into your budget. And we do all of this with a smile!

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