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Corporate Catering Tips

Corporate Catering Tips

Corporate Catering Tips

Companies calling for a return to working in an office has also called for the return to events with corporate catering needs. As a catering company with nearly four decades of experience in South Florida events, we’ve compiled our top 6 tips for planning an event that requires corporate event catering.

1. Hire an expert.

If your office does not engage in hosting corporate events regularly, it is likely that you do not have an on-site planner with years of experience. To ensure the success of your event, we recommend you hire an expert to do the job. Here at Bill Hansen Catering, we offer corporate event services that include planning everything from the food to the furniture rentals.



2. Consider on-site lunches.

Perhaps your company’s event needs do not require a full-fledged venue and AV system. Catering on-site lunches for employees is a cost-effective alternative that will allow you to show employees or clients that you appreciate them. This is better than ordering takeout because catered food will stay warm when being served, and staffing servers can turn lunch into a fun event in itself.

3. Work with your caterer to be creative.

Not only will an expert catering company have diverse menu options to discuss with you, but they may also have knowledge of unique venues in the area that meet your needs. Your venue choice will influence lodging plans for employees and the atmosphere of the event. Fortunately for you, we’ve gathered our favorite corporate event venue options in South Florida.

4. Communicate your event schedule.

Whether your catering needs are day-long or just for lunch, it is important to communicate the event schedule to your caterer so that food can be distributed and warmed appropriately for attendees.

5. Know the occasion.

The occasion for your catering should determine the food being served. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner menus are important to consider as well as buffet or plated meals. A company appreciation lunch would be a hit with a buffet table, while celebrating the sales team’s Q4 results is better to be honored with plated meals.

6. Remember those with dietary restrictions.

After investing company time and money into planning a delicious meal for employees, it would be a shame if none of the vegan, vegetarian, or Kosher employees could enjoy it. Here at Bill Hansen Catering, we discuss the menus specially designed for alternative diets with our clients.

For those planning events in South Florida, we’d be happy to give free consultation, corporate event venue details, or menu options

Server holding ceviche photo by Bill Hansen Catering

Breakfast station photo by Bill Hansen Catering

Written by: Emily Calderon

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